• We can arrange for your home to be bought quickly for cash - no hidden costs, no chains, no hassle.
  • Our initial property appraisal, and the subsequent cash offer you receive, is completely FREE and carries no obligation.
  • We offer a comprehensive range of other ways to sell your home, if the fast-cash route isn't for you.

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Three easy steps to a fast, stress-free house sale...

Step 1

You enter your property details online today, with no obligation.

Step 2

We'll call you to discuss your options and establish whether the fast-cash route is right for you.

Step 3

Completion will be set to your desired timeframe, which can be as quick as 14 days.

Why do people choose the fast cash sale route?

1. Marital problems

If you've made the difficult decision to separate from your partner, then you may want to move on as quickly and painlessly as possible. Selling a property on the open market in some locations can take a long time, so a fast cash sale could be the best choice for you.

2. Financial difficulty

Unfortunately, not everyone living in the UK has unlimited financial resources. Unemployment remains high and living costs continue to rise. If you find yourself with stretched finances, or on the brink of property repossession, a fast cash sale could be the solution.

3. Inherited property

When a loved one passes away it is a heartbreaking time, and selling their home can create stress and unexpected costs. A fast cash sale could prevent the financial and emotional burden of preparing your loved one's home for sale on the open market.

4. Desire to relocate

Are you unhappy where you live? Do you need to move closer to work or loved ones? Relocating quickly may be necessary to prevent mounting frustration or financial costs. Thankfully, through Smart Seller, CENTURY 21 UK can offer you a fast, stress-free sale.